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Nothing great in the world has ever
been accomplished without passion

Friedrich, Hebbel

About Jenn

Jenn is excited to be a part of an emerging field which is revolutionizing decorative finishing. No longer stale and outdated, decorative finishing is dynamic and rapidly evolving thanks to a vast new array of products and techniques.

Jenn draws inspiration from a wealth of personal experience including decorating, painting, and design. She also has experience as a contractor in building new homes and knows what it's like to assemble the various components required in creating a desired effect.

Jenn’s zeal for interior decorating and her innovative flair are evident in the stunning finishes she develops. She recreates herself with each new project and is an expert at creating luxury and elegance. Her philosophy is that a home is to be experienced, not just ‘lived in’ - that it is a true manifestation of one’s passion and core essence.

Whether a home has needed minor enhancement or radical change, Jenn has transformed rooms into stunning centerpieces to the absolute delight of her clients.

Jenn is continually developing her art so as to provide her clients with the most cutting edge techniques, as well as offering superior application of the more classic finishes. She uses only the highest quality products including paints, plasters, glazes, stains, metallics and some of her own unique creations. Furthermore, being environmentally conscientious, she is particular in her selection of these materials.

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